What can you expect on the examinations?

The Swiss Federal Professional Examination for management specialists is based on the SVF-ASFC Leadership and Management Certificate modules.

You may apply for the professional examination if you meet the necessary admission criteria in accordance with the Examination Regulations, Art. 3.3 (in German, French and Italian). The examination consists of a written and an oral part.

Written examination

In the written examination, you must analyse a four-hour case study with networked and integrated module content. The permitted tools  are clearly defined.

Oral examination

The oral examination consists of an approximately 90-minute discussion with integrated module content. The focus will be on testing the content of the Leadership modules.

Practice with old exams.

Old examinations for practice can be requested from the examination office for an advance payment of CHF 150.00 per examination. Send an e-mail to: info@svf-asfc.ch